We sell wholesale local produce.


We specialize in providing fresh, locally sourced produce throughout the year.

We focus on freshness.

In many instances, we deliver the same day that product is harvested.  

Our prices are competitive.

Buyers say that our prices are competitive

with many of the national distribution companies.

Our products have a story.

Our food is grown responsibly on small family farms.

Many of our products come from Amish and Mennonite

farming families in the driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin.

Let's work together.

We have experience working with a wide range of customers.

We can partner with you to build a program that is right for you.  

For more information, contact  David Parr at (608) 558-0471 or



our products

We sell fruits, vegetables, honey, and maple syrup.

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Food safety

We are committed to providing safe, nourishing products.

Learn more about how we ensure our products are safe.

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